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Medical Billing Coding Revenue Cycle Management Company

After medical services being provided byhealth care providers, it is time to pay attention to the coding and billing part. This is nothing but to submit the claims to the health insurance companies so that the payment can be received without any hassles and within a short span of time. Medical billing and coding in the USA is powered by billers who are mostly certified after clearing examinations like RHIA and CMRs. Most of the medical practitioners in the USA, as well as the clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers and similar other facilities depend on the medical billers and coders, who expertise in translating their work into such medical codes required by the government agencies and insurance companies to settle clients’ bills.

Medical Billing and Coding in the USA has become even more complex and challenging after the introduction of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 2005, which requires complete privacy to be maintained by the health care service providers regarding the demographic and PHI (Patients Health Information). This is the reason why we, at,as your medical billing and coding company have come together to help you in fixing all these issues. We as your medical billing and coding service providers, aim at reducing the paperwork of the medical staff, thus enabling you to enhance the efficiency of your work. Currently, medical billing and coding in the USA has been outsourced to many firms like us, so that the hospitals and other medical entities need not to maintain the separate staff or software for this purpose.

Keeping in mind the changing medical regulations which tend to get complicated every day, we have designed our services in such a way that you leave all your worries as regards medical billing and coding to us. It is our primary goal to process the insurance claims of the healthcare service providers in a perfect way, so as to maximize the payments by the insurance companies. All the tasks are performed by the experienced professionals and in a proficient way so that claims get process at the first go by the insurance companies. We are expertise in generating clean claims.

Based in Louisville, KY, we at Medical Billing, Coding Revenue Cycle Management Company, a BBB accredited medical billing and coding company; provide you the best solutions in medical coding, eligibility, billing, credentialing, transcription and collection from the insurance companies. We also specialize in marketing your practice and provide you with professional set-up, if you are an NP, PT or MD, operating independently. From your virtual receptionist to managing your entire administration, we handle everything in the most efficient way.

We at Medical Billing Coding Revenue Cycle Management Company are powered by a strong team of specialized Coders and Billers, duly certified by AAPC. Our crew of Denial Management Specialists, AR and Quality Analysts are the best in the industry and are ready to take the administrative burden off your shoulder, so that you may attend to your practice in a better way. Our back – office is fuelled by the most competent Hardware, Software and Network Engineers. We have all along been guided by the advice of physicians only, thus making our services the most professional and accurate in every possible way, and hence have been able to make 150 strong customers all over the USA, smiling and happy.

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