Medical Billing and Coding


Compared to the type of dedicated service that we provide in medical billing and coding, our prices and charges are nominal, and are free from any complications whatsoever. The prices have been calculated in a straightforward wayi.e. as percentages of your net collections during a month. Our pricing for medical billing coding service is also very practical and humane, as it takes into consideration various aspects of your organization like the financial position, basic characteristics and other issues, before charging for our services.

We at Medical Billing Coding Revenue Cycle Management Company charge a nominal 4 to 8 % of the amount collected by us. Our package of comprehensive billing offers assurance of an affordable price. We do not charge any monthly minimum amount nor do we charge anything for deductible amounts. The pricing package is all inclusive and will definitely broaden your smile when you get the bill.

We are a fully owned subsidiary of VOCIS LLC. Here at Vocis we are in the process of accepting partners from Australia, Canada, the USA and Europe for the marketing of the medical billing and coding services provided by us. If you find our offer interesting, you may opt for either of the two alternatives to do business with us and see your organization grow in no time. You can also be an affiliate partner of Vocis and may earn commission on a percentage basis just by referring clients to us. The total solution of the services will be handled by us. Your commission will reach you just within 10 days from receiving the payment ourselves from the clients.

You may also become a reseller approved by Vocis. You may then sell the services provided by us all by yourself to your clients. Our point of contact in such cases will be exclusively you. The medical billing and coding service cost in such cases will be determined by you only, and we will have no contact whatsoever with your clients unless you categorically ask us to do so. In such a case you may sell the services and brand as your own.

Happy clients boost our enthusiasm by rating us as one of the best medical billing coding service providers in the USA. Many of our clients had come to us when their practices were going downhill, in spite of the maximum quality effort put in. They now report of tremendous improvements in collections after letting us handle their billing and coding part of the business. With more than 13 years of experience behind us, our clients now have a lot of good words to put in for us. We believe in keeping you happy with constant communications and frequent e-mails and keep you abreast with all important information regarding your business.

We are located at Vocis – Medical Billing Coding Service, 8422 Dixie Highway, Louisville, KY 40258. If you are interested in doing business with us, you may send an e – mail to with your queries.